Cyprus - new member of TICKETS family!

    Cyprus - new member of TICKETS family!

    We are delighted to announce the newest country of our #TICKETS family - Cyprus!

    Some essential facts about Cyprus, its location, landmarks, and even nature will be reviewed in this article. Such information would be useful for travelers before going to the Island of Aphrodite.

    The Location Of The Island
    The Island of Aphrodite is situated eastward of the Mediterranean Sea, nearby the Turkey coastline, and few Arab countries Lebanon and Syria. Observing a political map, you should note that the island nation is covered a small plot of land compared to the largest islands on the Earth. Notwithstanding this fact, the state remains the third-largest island of the Mediterranean.
    Nonetheless, the political system of the island a lot more complicated than you could think before. The great “separation” of the state started in the 70s when the country was split into two different zones with their citizens. The first one is the Greek-Cypriot area located on the south coastline, and the second one – is the Turkish-Cypriot area on the opposite side of the state.
    These two sides were separated with a demilitarized 180 km zone across the whole island from Paralimni to Kato Pyrgos. This line is also called the UN Buffer Zone with a total number of seven checkpoints set up a perimeter. Furthermore, two small zones in Southern seaside conducted by the government of the UK. These regions are Dhekelia and Akrotiri.

    Districts Of The Island Of Aphrodite?
    To cap it all, the island split up into six large districts. They are:
    It should be noted that few districts overlap the so-called Buffer Zone, which makes the political order of the island tougher for the travelers.

    Is It Safe To Visit Cyprus?
    Don’t be afraid, despite the non-stable neighboring countries and a steady flow of migration, Cyprus crime rates are extremely low. That is precisely what giving tourists passion to explore the perfect sunny Mediterranean coasts and makes the island safe to visit.

    Population Of The State
    The population of the island state is slightly above 1 mln citizens.

    The Metropolis Of The State
    Nicosia is divided capital of the island state located both in its southern and northern regions. Even though Nicosia’s airport was deserted not long ago and also transformed into a military zone, you can go through Ercan airport to reach Larnaca or the northern part of the island, and Paphos airport to get to the Southern coast.

    Is Cyprus A Country Of Contrasts?
    As was mentioned above, the island of Cyprus is a birthplace of Aphrodite, according to the legend, considered to be a beauty and love goddess. The island nation is full of different interesting places to explore since its lands were multicultural before and remain until this day. There is a shortlist of nations, who live on the island:

    • Greeks;
    • Egyptians;
    • Assyrians;
    • Arabs;
    • Persians;
    • Romans;
    • Ottomans;
    • Italians and other European nations.

    Besides, the UK has an impact on Cyprus development and history, that’s why there is a large cohort of local citizens, who speak English on an equal basis with Turkish and Greek.
    Besides, there are two major religions on the island: Islam prevails in the northern part of the state, whereas Southern Cyprus is rather Orthodox.

    The Climate
    As for the climate, the island has mild and dry climate conditions with little precipitation prevailing in winter caused erosion and silting of the rivers in the warmer months. The climate zones are changing towards the North East of the country since there is arid and windy clime.

    The Key Places To Visit
    Cyprus is covered by several mountain chains. The first one is a jagged chain called Troodos. The mountain system has regained its glory due to the highest peak of the state the Mount Olympus, endless Millomeris Waterfalls located at the southern part of the island, and the Kyrenia Mountains, which spread across the North Shore.
    After the separation of the island, the Turkish part occupied tobacco, grain, and citrus fields, whereas the Greek part of Cyprus proceeds to develop vineyards and livestock.
    There are also impressive cliff rocks and beaches, for instance, Landa and Ayia Napa, with a picturesque view that bounded Cyprus’ coastline. The Island of Aphrodite considered being a perfect place for snorkeling compared to the Turkish shore, where divers can explore a significant number of reefs, caves, tunnels, and even ancient shipwreck tragedies.

    The TOP Of The Outdoor Activities On Cyprus 2020
    We gather some of the interesting ideas to explore outdoor while you’re visiting the Island of Aphrodite:

    • Famagusta snorkeling and scuba diving;
    • Paphos Segway exploration tours;
    • Hiking all over the mountain chains on Cyprus;
    • Sailing and do watersports along the seaside;
    • Taking sunbaths in one of the beautiful beaches.

    Which Objects Of Cultural Heritage Should Gone Viral?
    The first is about Cyprus' history. You can visit one of the vineyards to taste local wine. The Cypriots are producing wine since 2300 BC, so they probably know how to do it with their secrets.
    Don’t forget about the love goddess – visit the birthplace of Aphrodite, the self-titled rock.
    Explore a large and interesting Archeological Paphos Park that is in the UNESCO list and is fraught with many secrets of the ancient city.

    Enjoy the performance visiting one of the existing amphitheaters in Kourion like ancient Greeks used to do a long time ago.
    Touch the modern artist by visiting the Contemporary Art Centre in the heart of Nicosia.



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