Seven tips to travel to places with freezing weather

    Seven tips to travel to places with freezing weather

    Winter holidays are an ideal time to get away and explore a new place, be it ski vacation, visiting the New York City in February or going abroad to another colder place.

    Following 7 tips are going to help you pack thick clothes, boots and caps for travelling to colder places.

    Arrival at Destination

    Try to be early, but not too early
    Be very careful while choosing your flight. Keep a watch out for bad weather as you do not want to be stuck. Try to book flights that have a record for reaching in time and reach to the destination early in the morning.

    Smartly plan your flight arrival times
    Look for flights that land in the warmer part of the day, which is between mid-morning till mid-afternoon. Once the sun sets, the temperature starts to fall, and it can be bad for your if you land in such extreme weather. You can find the flight timing on TICKETS and choose the flight that arrives at destination at the time of your choice.

    Go direct
    Try to book a flight that has no layovers. Connecting flights have the risk of delay in arrival so it is best to avoid them. You can also put a filter of flights by number of layovers they have while searching and choose the flight that suits you best.


    Hand carry
    It is always good to pack a bag pack that can go with you on the plane. In case there is a flight delay and you have to spend the night at the airport, you will have backup. Always wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Best to put on layers rather than wearing one thick piece of cloth. Because with layers, you can either put them on if its cold or take them off if it starts to get colder. Finally, do carry a neck pillow to rest your neck and head while sleeping during flight or at the airport.

    Layer up clothes
    Travel during winters calls for warm clothes, gloves, boots, snowsuits, etc. But these items can take up a lot of space in the suitcase. Therefore, rather than filling up your suitcase with these thick clothes, wear them during travelling. Wear your boots, sweater and thermal instead of checking them in a bag. If the temperature starts to rise up, you can always take off your layers. Always wear a t-shirt under your sweater or coat, so they can be taken off.
    Quick tip: big coats can also be used as pillows for long haul flights, or you can also tuck them under your seat. Get a reusable shopping bag from Baggu in your backpack so you can carry the coat to your destination if you don’t want to wear it.

    Mix and match outfits
    Instead of stuffing a lot of clothing items in your bag, try to keep fewer clothes and mix and match different outfits to form a new look. Pack neutral colors and basic t-shirts and pants that would go with every top and bottom.

    Carry a Vacuum bag
    Invest in a good vacuum bag as they help condense big winter clothes in order to allow you more space in the suitcase. These are best for winter travelling.
    Quick tip: label all bags to save time, you will save lot of time as it will prevent you from opening every single bag in search of just one item.


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