Updates regarding COVID-19

    Updates regarding COVID-19

    We are continually updating the info presented on our website concerning the transmission of the COVID-19, also referred to as coronavirus infection. So, if you're going to review this page quickly, you can add it to the bookmarks list.

    Updates regarding COVID-19

    It should be noteworthy, that the data is fluctuating on a daily basis, which might hamper to monitor the most pertinent facts.

    We strongly urge you to become acquainted with the advice issued by your local political powers and related authorities, alongside the instruction provided by the World Health Organization, an authoritative and trustworthy source of international news and coronavirus-related info.

    Travel prohibitions and rules

    Governmental guidelines

    In addition to the reports on the newest coronavirus infection, the WHO, UK government, and the FCO have developed the practical guidelines for people abroad concerning the transmission of the virus. The FCO is present counsels all of the UK citizens and foreigners refrain from traveling globally. The other states all over the world are restricting traveling even without prior notice at the same time. If you are the UK national and you are presently abroad, you are urgently recommended to come back to your country of origin.

    The Latest airline news

    A significant number of governments have established some list of travel prohibitions and rules. The vast majority of airlines are forced to suspend their flights, whereas the airports are stopping their work in order to prevent the flight from leaving the country and spreading the coronavirus decease all over the world. To receive a full list of day-to-day updates on desirable routes, please review the official FCO website.

    But if your want to get the more detailed data on airline route, flight cancellation, rebooking of your flight, or even about the refund policy of the specific company, you may find all of this news along with some travel up-to-date information and rules on airlines' official websites or browse the pages of the IATA.


    While this situation is urgent and reporting are continuously updating, here are some essential travel information about:

    How to mitigate the risk of contracting the 2019-nCoV when traveling?

    There are quite enough constructive procedures to be followed. First and foremost, washing your hands properly with antibacterial soap, or using an alcohol-based disinfecting agent regularly. Try not to touch your face when your hands are dirty. Try to keep a safe distance (a meter and a half) from people with some visible marks of the newest virus (both a cough and a sneeze). More information.

    What to do staying outside of the UK borders?

    The FCO strongly advises all of the UK citizens (who are also reside on the territory of the UK) are presently overseas to back home immediately. If you are still overseas, try to contact your airline promptly. We highlighted the value of acting quickly, inasmuch as we have info on the possible borders closing and some of the air routes as well. Please visit the official FCO site to obtain the newest data and guidelines.

    I am going to postpone my travel deals. How can I obtain a reimbursement?

    Firstly, you are required to call a certain airline, travel agency or a hotel you booked for your future trip. Unsure of the company details you are booked? You can check the name and the other company details through reviewing the email you get as a confirmation of your travel booking.

    My flight was canceled. How can I obtain repayment?

    Please contact an online travel agency or airline officials. Considering the global travel situation, especially the changed bookings, there may be a variance in the processing time for changing your booking and negotiating with someone, who can resolve this issue. If an online travel agency or the airline representatives are telling you that repayment is not possible or they have stopped their activities, it is better to address your personal credit card institution and told them the details of the bookings. Besides, if you have a travel coverage policy, maintain contact with your insurance provider.

    What about my travel coverage contract, will it cover the cancellation of a flight?

    It mostly hinges on your insurance policy. Address your insurance company website to get detailed information regarding the matter.


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