What is GRVT and how will it be a better idea for travel?

    What is GRVT and how will it be a better idea for travel?

    New GRVT App a.k.a GRAVITY.

    The release will be on both platforms App Store and Google Play in late March 2020.

    Journey planning is always an interesting and difficult process. Applications and offline maps became indispensable helpers for modern travelers. With the help of these, we can find a place for dinner, a cheap hotel, transport tickets or a route to the city center.

    Imagine that you are determined to travel and you have certain goals. Based on your preferences, the application will pick for you the perfect place to relax. Do you like exotic cuisine, surfing and wildlife? GRVT will select the perfect location for you. If you liked the location on a photo on social networks or from the Internet, use the application. With it, you will find this location on the map and get even closer to the place of your dreams.

    In the new GRVT application, you can choose the “scenario" of your trip. The mechanism for selecting a trip is based on various locations. Based on the special places you want to visit, the application offers you the opportunity to choose from 20 different types of travel. The most common of them are:

    ·         Weekend break. A small weekend trip. You have a few days to get 100% of the place you are visiting. With the help of GRVT, you will visit the most picturesque, original and atmospheric locations throughout the area.

    ·         Romantic trips, family trips. These types of journeys are loved by people all around the world - you can feel something special with your soulmate, or have fun with your spouse and children in a vibrant resort. The application will offer you various romantic restaurants and excursions, family establishments and recreational activities. You will find something unique even in traditional resort towns.

    ·         Extreme types of travel. If you are a fan of diving, winter sports or surfing, you will find plenty of amazing travel opportunities. Unique spots for training, meeting local lovers and professionals, and much more are already waiting for you in the mobile app.

    ·         Secular trips. Are you an avid party-goer and lover of nightclubs and bars? Want to meet famous people and get a little closer to a luxurious life? This type of travel will help you discover museums and interesting places that fascinate with their beauty and you can drive to the locations where celebrities hang out.

    ·         Exotic travel. Unique offers and guides for lovers of new acquaintances and sex tourism!

    ·         Natural phenomena. There is nothing more beautiful than the wonders of nature - beaches, waterfalls, reserves and wild forests. This type of travel is suitable for traveling in solo, with friends or family. This is the most versatile and fascinating guide to the unique places in any country in the world!

    You can leave your review immediately after you visit the proposed location. The application explores and evaluates each location independently. So, with the help of your new assistant, you can quickly select interesting places to visit. With the rating system and reviews of the application, you will learn other people's opinions about each location, see additional photos and can leave your comments, if you want to share your impressions with other tourists.

    GRVT's mobility is its hallmark. Learn more about the country or city in which you are going to plan your leisure and get a lot of pleasant emotions from traveling!

    GRVT is an out-and-outer platform that unites all travel enthusiasts and makes your vacation more diverse and affordable. Do not sit in the hotel or by the pool for the whole vacation – just a few clicks will help you learn about beautiful places, breathtaking natural wonders and colorful cafes with interesting people. Travel as much as you can, diversify your gray everyday life with the help of the bright colors of new trips!



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